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Equine Shop Europe is a Platform for Equestrian Resellers based in Europe. We have a strict approval system that only allows genuine businesses to sell their products through our online platform store. 

Your Payments is also secure, we handle all transaction on behalf of the seller, this way your money is held by us until you have received your order and is happy with it. All resellers have to ship using a tracking system, or any type of system that our customers can track or acknowledge the receipt of the order within 3-14 days after the order is placed. 

We do not allow resellers from outside the EU, as most of our customers want to be able to receive their orders without having to wait a long time or pay customs and Tax charges on top of their purchase. We have one exemption, which is the United Kingdom, the customer in this country know that they could be liable for customs charges when it arrives. 

Our Main office is in Kingwood, Dublin. Ireland